Last week, I passed my biannual lifeguard test for the third time – quite a normal thing for a PE teacher working at a school with a swimming pool to do. However, despite passing it twice before, this test is something that I still find challenging.

Turn the clock back seven years and I was a first year undergrad student at the University of Brighton completing the practical swimming assessment. In a cohort of 70 students, I was the only one to receive a grade low enough for this assessment to receive a fail; I received 20% for the practical element, and despite smashing the theory side, still did not earn enough credits. This is hardly surprising – when I was younger, I received a handful of swimming sessions through primary school, but never privately. I rarely went swimming with friends, and had few holidays abroad where a pool was readily available. It just wasn’t a skill I had much chance to practise. Continue reading “Finding Strength in our Weaknesses”