When people ask me what the best thing about being a PE teacher, I tend to skip the obvious answers of “making a difference to the lives of children” or “the brilliant holidays” and go with this – I get to wear shorts to work.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but think about it for a moment. Very few professions get the option of wearing such comfortable attire, and I for one consider it a major perk of the job. To emphasise my gratitude for such fortune, I wear shorts every teaching day of the year. I’m sure many of you fellow PE teachers out there have made a similar commitment, and, like me, have questioned the sanity of your logic when teaching football on a cold January morning.

Now that I have explained the rather obscure title of this blog, lets get down to the important stuff. Here you will find ramblings, prophecies, ideas and questions surrounding PE and education in general. I hope you find them useful, inspiring, or in the very least worthy of your limited time. Feel free to contact and engage with me on twitter – @leea1990.