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Handball in PE – on the rise, or just another “alternative curriculum activity”?

I was fortunate enough to watch some Olympic men’s handball at London 2012, and it was enthralling – fast-paced, tactical, aggressive, and goals galore. Coincidentally, 2012 was when I started my teaching career, and I took my experience of handball into my first school and introduced it into the KS4 curriculum for both boys and girls.

3 years passed with year 10 and 11 students participating in handball. As a department, we thought it gave students a fresh outlook on team ball games, and relied on very basic skills that made it accessible and enjoying for less able students. A great success, right?

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Why I might banish football from PE entirely

I remember as a trainee teacher one of my lecturers, Jon Binney, telling me something that, at the time, I found highly controversial:

“If I would get rid of any activity from the PE curriculum, it would be football.”

Now, as a spritely 19 year old I thought this was a ludicrous claim to make. “Get rid of football – but it’s our national game!”. Fast forward 6 years and I now see exactly where Jon was coming from, because I myself am beginning to think the same thing. I would like to remove football from the KS3 curriculum for boys. Let me be clear at this point that I consider football to be my favourite sport as I have both watched and played it my entire life, so on a personal level I have a deep love for the sport.

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The Gamification of PE

Foreword – I originally posted this blog on PE Circle and would like to pay a huge thanks to Mike Prior for setting up the site and providing an accessible platform for me to share my thoughts. It seemed only right that my first post on my own website should be this blog, as I have subsequently received a great deal of interest and intrigue since posting.”


Spoiler alert – This blog does not refer to “gamification” in the case of technological games/apps that can develop activity in PE.  A quick google of “gamification in PE” will lead you to various articles and blogs talking about apps, the Nintendo Wii and such innovations. You will not find comments on such things here.

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