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Handball in PE – on the rise, or just another “alternative curriculum activity”?

I was fortunate enough to watch some Olympic men’s handball at London 2012, and it was enthralling – fast-paced, tactical, aggressive, and goals galore. Coincidentally, 2012 was when I started my teaching career, and I took my experience of handball into my first school and introduced it into the KS4 curriculum for both boys and girls.

3 years passed with year 10 and 11 students participating in handball. As a department, we thought it gave students a fresh outlook on team ball games, and relied on very basic skills that made it accessible and enjoying for less able students. A great success, right?

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Rounders – is it time to end our love affair?

Visit any primary or secondary school in England on a warm summer’s day and you will likely see a game of rounders on the playing fields. I have yet to experience a school where rounders is not part of the summer curriculum, and in fact it is quite often part of the very fabric that people associate with summer term as a whole. But here is the question I have been posing of late – why? What is it with this sport that makes it such a staple part of what we do as PE teachers? Continue reading “Rounders – is it time to end our love affair?”

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