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Handball in PE – on the rise, or just another “alternative curriculum activity”?

I was fortunate enough to watch some Olympic men’s handball at London 2012, and it was enthralling – fast-paced, tactical, aggressive, and goals galore. Coincidentally, 2012 was when I started my teaching career, and I took my experience of handball into my first school and introduced it into the KS4 curriculum for both boys and girls.

3 years passed with year 10 and 11 students participating in handball. As a department, we thought it gave students a fresh outlook on team ball games, and relied on very basic skills that made it accessible and enjoying for less able students. A great success, right?

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Joining in – is it ever OK?

Let me start by being completely transparent – I am aware AfPE guidelines dictate that joining in with students in PE lessons is a no no, largely due to safety and liability reasons. However, my aim in writing this post is to suggest the situation should not be so black and white, and in fact there are several scenarios within PE that I believe it is something that can benefit the students we teach.

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